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Writer, Editor, Strategist
words matter. choose them wisely.
About Me

About Me

I believe in your story, even if you don't know what that is yet. That's where I come in.

I'm a Nigerian-American writer, editor, and unapologetic host of podcast, That's No Longer My Ministry. I believe in the power of language and storytelling to build community, and inspire healing and change. That is, if you tell the right story.

I'm a storyteller at my core, which shows up in all of my work whether I'm penning my own poetry, writing something quick and witty for Thrillistcrafting clear and engaging communication campaigns for Amazon or Tableau, or strategizing on how to make it easier for creators and publishers to use Facebook products to make their creative dreams and passion projects a reality.

My story in short: I purge anxieties both aesthetic and melanin-specific, and face people who look at me like a wild fire; who treat me like a child throwing a tantrum over a little discomfort; people who wear raincoats so nothing I’ve spilt will ever soak into their milky skin; eyes wide and wet with 'how dare you' when I demand them to say I matter.

Work Experience

Work Experience

8+ years of experience in the journalism and mass communications field as a content strategist creating clear, inclusive messaging and content for global audiences.
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Help and Content Strategist


  • Driving educational strategy for Facebook video/publisher tools, partnering with product teams to plan, write, translate content for global creators/publishers who access the Facebook Business Help Center, e-learning courses, and in-product education.

  • Use metrics and user feedback to ensure data-driven updates to existing content and recommendations for
    new content to support user learning journey.


  • Co-leading strategy, communications, and building partnerships to support Business Education initiative to uplift and empower Black-owned businesses. Leading the development of an internal anti-racism education program to work toward racial equity within our broader organization.



2013 / AUG

Columbia Publishing Course

Six-week intensive course on all aspects of book, magazine, and digital media publishing.

2012 / DEC

University of Kansas

Received a Bachelor's in Science of Journalism. Studied French abroad in Senegal. Wrote a lot of stories. Made a few magazines.


School of the Imafidon Household

And mom and dad don't play.

Contact Me

Need help telling your story? Leave your info and I'll be in touch.

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